Rando Thoughts


I need to tell you about a little podcast I’ve been following for quite a while called “The Intergalactic Candycast.” Now, this isn’t for the faint of heart, as quite a few curse words are thrown around, BUT it WILL make you giggle. The guy’s got a unique thing going here. He does all kinds of characters within his show. He’s clever and witty. If you’re having relationship problems, he’s got some great answers! Give it a listen!! https://youtu.be/BN9wwX5WFKU

Also, this Friday, Jen and I will be vlogging some fun beauty and bargain tips. We’re just two regular ladies who love fashion and bargains and drinking our own personal T. We may not be the typical beauties that you normally see on a vlog, but trust me, you are going to LOVE us!! We will be posting more information about that soon!

Meanwhile, did everyone except me know that Sweet Pilot Pete lives with his parents?? Huh? He’s 28 years old. AND, he’s had sleepovers with girls at his parents house, and he says, and I’m quoting directly here, “I’ve brought girls home; and it’s NOT weird, and the next morning, I’ll wake up and the girl’s downstairs and making breakfast with my mom and they’re chatting it up, and that’s just the way it’s been…” Well, I’m thinkin’ Pete’s cornbread ain’t done in the middle, if you know what I mean, ‘cuz that just don’t seem right. If you want to look at Pete’s interview about this, (with his parents, btw), go to https://youtu.be/P0qUA5kNetI

Stay tuned for more Bachelor and other fun!!

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