Pilot Pete


I’m both happy and concerned that Pilot Pete is SOOO close to his parents. Personally, however, I would not appreciate a mother-in-law who claps excitedly when she finds out her son has slept with me four times in one evening. I mean, I’m happy that it’s the little things with her, don’t get me wrong; BUT, I don’t believe it would be a part of my life that I would want to share with my spouse’s mother.

Mom’s VERY emotional. I’m anxious to see who she’s talking about when she cries out, “DON’T let her go. Bring her home to us.” Wow, let’s break this down shall we?…First, I’ve been married to Marine Mike for 27 years, and I’m not quite sure his family has ever or would ever utter those words about me. Next, UNLESS she’s talking about Hannah Brown, Pete and his family have not known these girls for any length of time, so why is mom crying? Is it just clever editing? Did they lose their dog and they want Petey to do an aerial flyover of LA to locate it? It just seems odd to me. I’m sure mom is a very nice person though.

AND, you have to love that Hannah Brown came back and is rethinking her choices. Jed was SUCH a loser. His music SUCKED. (Sorry, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em.) She’d be a fool if she wasn’t regretting her decision to choose Jed. Tyler was a wonderful hunk of man meat. I loved him from the beginning. I often sit back with a bottle, I mean, glass, of Cook’s champagne (only the best for me) and wonder what life would have been like for Hannah if she had chosen Tyler. I ponder: Would Gigi H still have interfered? Or is Tyler so dedicated that he would have always only had eyes for Hannah? Would Hannah have talked Tyler into wearing his pants one size larger so his man-parts could breathe? We will never know the answers to those questions, my friends. Anyway, it’s shaping up to be a helluva season. Got to love it! Stay tuned Monday evening for my next recap!

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