Spilling the Bachelor (and Other) T

Welcome to our Blog!!

Jen, RodeoWags, and I have been laughing together for years, and now, we’re going to share the fun with you!

We are going to start with Bachelor Peter and the girls exiting from the limo tomorrow night, January 6! Who will have the most unique limo exit? Who will come up with the corniest first line to Peter? How many times will the word “windmill” come into play? (You know you have to drink every time it does, right?) And, last, but not least, who will be the drunkest gal on night one? No judgment from me and Jen, just curiosity, and good-natured teasing! We hope you follow along with our posts to keep up-to-date with Peter and the gang!

Stay tuned for guest hosts: RodeoWags and ToriM and many more! They will bring a whole new dimension to our site!

#TheBachelor, #TrendyJen, #RodeoWags, #ToriM, #BrandHos

#TrendyJen #RodeoWags

#ToriM, #TrendyJen, #BargainBobs

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Not only will we keep you apprised of the Bachelor haps, but Jen is an expert on current trends, and I love a good bargain, so we will let you know where to find the best deals on the most fabulous clothes, shoes, accessories and more! Join us for lots of fun!!

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