Tayshia Adams- Bachelorette; 11/24/20, Noah tells Lies, lies, lies!

I sit here with special guest host Marine Mike. He usually makes some fairly humorous comments as he pretends to play games on his phone, but keeps one eye on the television. Noah and Chasen are lying on the outdoor bed together, which is weird in itself, but I do think Noah looks a millionContinue reading “Tayshia Adams- Bachelorette; 11/24/20, Noah tells Lies, lies, lies!”

Tayshia Adams, the Bachelorette Who Should Always Have Been 11/10/20 #sunshine #freshair

The men are all sweaty and chatty about who will be the next Bachelorette. They claim to want to find love, but they’re concerned about who might walk through the door. Let’s think about that for a minute, shall we? The Bach doesn’t really deal with uggos, right? Not that everyone doesn’t have some beautyContinue reading “Tayshia Adams, the Bachelorette Who Should Always Have Been 11/10/20 #sunshine #freshair”

Bachelorette Clare 10/27/20

Whoa, Yosef is a HORRIBLE man. What a complete loser. He quickly got on his high horse and then it just escalated into chauvinistic pig territory at light speed. He told Clare that he wanted nothing to do with her after the naked dodgeball date and the rest of the guys were just humoring her.Continue reading “Bachelorette Clare 10/27/20”

Four Couples Left on Bachelor: LTYH!!

I have plenty of alcohol and ice cream, so I am ready to go. I also have a large barf bag right next to me, because this show tends to produce nausea. Chris H comes in and announces that their lives are about to change…they need to pack their bags, because they’re headed to…..VEGAS!! Friends,Continue reading “Four Couples Left on Bachelor: LTYH!!”

Listen to Your Heart, Episode 4!

I’m a little late on this…I’ll just keep it short… Chris comes in to talk to the contestants…might I add that none of them look like they have bathed… Chris throws a wrench in the works by sending people out on dates with different people in the house…of course, we’ve matched up Julia with Brandon,Continue reading “Listen to Your Heart, Episode 4!”

Listen to Your Heart, Ep. 3

I sit here with a bottle of Pink champagne and some homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies ready to watch the third installment of LTYH. My life is good. Moving on to the show…The hot mess that is Julia rears its ugly head as Brandon continues to send confusing messages to her. He claims he knewContinue reading “Listen to Your Heart, Ep. 3”

Listen to Your Heart, Opening Night!!

“Lives will change keys”-Chris Harrison Brandon says he’s an ex-scout sniper for the Marine Corps and “it was scary,” said no real Marine ever, trust me. I have lived with Marine Mike for 27 years and I have yet to hear those words about anything. Also, he’s wearing an empty shell casing around his neckContinue reading “Listen to Your Heart, Opening Night!!”

Clare Crawley, the next Bachelorette??? I’m in!!!

http://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/02/9479759/claire-crawley-bachelorette-rumors Is Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo’s season going to be the next bachelorette? Friends, my first question is: hasn’t she found love yet? That does concern me a bit. Our lady has been given a lot of chances for love. Bachelor in paradise, Bachelor Winter games, and so on and so on. I actuallyContinue reading “Clare Crawley, the next Bachelorette??? I’m in!!!”